Computex 2019: HyperX now have their own switches

HyperX have officially joined the likes of Logitech and Razer, introducing a new gaming keyboard with their own proprietary key-switches.

“We’re excited to debut Alloy Origins along with the first HyperX key-switches at Computex this year.” said HyperX.

“As a leading brand in gaming and esports, we’ll continue to support the world of gaming and esports by creating the best gear on the market for all gamers.”

The new HyperX Alloy Origin keyboard boasts RGB lighting (powered by HyperX's NGenuity software), 45g of actuation force, a full-size number pad and the promise to hold up about 80 million clicks before they start to break down.

Of course, the big draw here are the HyperX Red switches. These boast an actuation point of 1.8m and a total travel distance of 3.6mm.

According to HyperX, these custom switches boast a shorter travel time than other products, making them "ideal for gamers looking for their best reaction times."

No word yet on whether HyperX will be willing to sell their switches to other vendors and brands.

Still, it's interesting that more and more of the major gaming peripheral brands are moving away from CherryMX switches and towards their own unique custom hardware.

Australian pricing and availability for the HyperX Alloy Origin gaming keyboard is to be announced.