Computex 2018: ASUS debut world’s first blood-pressure tracking smartwatch

ASUS have expanded their efforts in the wearables space by debuting their new ASUS VivoWatch BP health tracker.

The company say that the VivoWatch BP is the world’s first fitness band that’s capable of tracking a users’ blood pressure. They say that they worked with cardiologists to develop a dual-sensor system that relies on both electrocardiographic and photoplethysmogram sensors to deliver an accurate blood pressure measurement in 15 seconds.

The VivoWatch BP boasts a soft rectangular design with a small circular sensor on the front. Users need only tap-and-hold their finger to it and they’ll be given a real time reading.

In addition to this new feature, ASUS say the VivoWatch BP also tracks activity data, heart-rate data, sleep data and de-stress index data. The company say users will be able to easily share this data with family members and their doctor. It’ll also be leveraged by the device’s HealthAI feature, which offers users specific suggestions about where they need to improve.

Credit: Fergus Halliday | IDG

ASUS say the VivoWatch BP comes good for 28 days of normal operation per charge and 48 hours of battery life in fitness mode. The limitations of the former are not yet known.

No word on pricing and availability for this one. However, ASUS’ past track-record for bringing their wearable products to Australia isn’t great. Still, as far as changing the landscape of health-focused trackers goes, the advanced being made with the VivoWatch BP are significant and well-worth watching.

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Disclosure - Our coverage of Computex 2018 was sponsored by ASUS, who covered the cost of our flights and accommodation.