OPPO Smartphone Takes Top Spot for Overall Customer Satisfaction

Smartphone makes, OPPO has been awarded this year’s Canstar Blue Award for “Most Satisfied Customers - Smartphones”, capping off a year of tremendous growth for the brand, both in Australia and overseas.

The prestigious award benchmarks consumer opinion around a number of categories including: user friendliness, value for money, battery life, camera quality, speed and appearance. In its first year being eligible for the award, OPPO scored five out of five stars across the majority of the categories, including ‘overall satisfaction’ ensuring the brand was a clear winner in the category.

“As a business, OPPO is all about delivering the best quality smartphones at a price Aussies can afford. That philosophy has clearly resonated well with Australian consumers, as we have quickly grown to establish a robust retail and carrier partner network and an incredibly loyal and passionate fan base,” said Michael Tran, Executive Director at OPPO.

Since launching its first smartphone in 2011, OPPO has grown to become the fourth largest smartphone maker in the world and the go-to device for millions of consumers worldwide.

“We have invested heavily in research and development to give customers the best features and camera technology possible. To be recognised by our customers for those efforts is extremely rewarding and we look forward to building on that success further in 2018,” added Tran.

Speaking of OPPO’s rise to the top, Simon Downes, Editor at Canstar Blue said, “Australians are now realising that they no longer need to spend the big bucks to get a really great smartphone. Brands like OPPO are now providing viable alternatives at much cheaper prices.”

“Lots of consumers are willing to try new things and those who move away from the tried and tested smartphones are usually pleased the did so. OPPO has performed extremely well in our review, up against stiff competition. Given the significant cost of new smartphones, to achieve five stars on value for money is an excellent achievement. OPPO users clearly think they’re onto a winner,” added Downes.