In Pictures: 8 ways the password is dying

From smartphones that know you’re near to tattoos and even pills, high-tech companies are busy replacing pesky strings of text with easier ways to authenticate. Check out the future here.

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Growing pains Killing the password comes with troubles of its own. Researchers have already duped the fingerprint sensors in today's phones using Mission Impossible-like tactics, creating thick, high-DPI recreations of the phone owner's fingerprints. After Google's I/O keynote, security experts were quick to point out that relying on a single Android phone as an authentication tool for your devices created a single point of failure for would-be hackers.

But still, in a six-month span that's already seen numerous, massive security breaches resulting in the breach of half a billion accounts' worth of data, the idea of moving beyond passwords holds vast appeal. Sure, the transition has its perils along with the promises. But nobody loves passwords.

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In Pictures: 8 ways the password is dying

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