In pictures: Top 12 tech hoaxes of all time

Social media pranks and viral videos have nothing on these truly historical technical hoaxes

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The Microsoft iLoo In 2003, a U.K. division of Microsoft issued a news release detailing the iLoo initiative -- a fully wired and Internet-ready porta-potty. The iLoo boasted a plasma screen, a "waterproof silicone keyboard," surround-sound speakers, and broadband Internet connection via wireless LAN. The press, predictably, went crazy, and Microsoft issued a bulletin that it was all a hoax. Or was it? A follow-up press release said that, in fact, the iLoo really was an active project at one point, but had been abandoned. The incident inspired at least one immortal news headline, from (naturally) The New York Post: "Software titan poo-poos iLoo."

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