In Pictures: 3D printing - How does it really work?

Here are the nine most common 3D printer technologies

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Technology No. 4: DLP What it is: Similar to SLA but uses digital light processors instead of a laser to cure the resin.

Featured Printer: Solidator DLP Desktop 3D Printer

Company/Founders: tangible engineering; President & CEO Tim Fischer

Printer Cost: $4,950

Software: Solidator Studio

Operating Systems: Windows XP/7/8, MAC OS X, Linux

Connectivity: Wireless LAN, Ethernet, USB

Solidator Materials: Solidator custom liquid plastic resin materials (similar to nail polish) with approximately the same value as PLA (about 85D), harder than ABS (about 75D), and harder than POM (about 80D). D stands for durometer, which is measure of hardness. Cost about $50 a liter, and prints approximately 28, eight-inch Eiffel Towers.

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