In Pictures: Data storage -- then and now

As size of storage drives shrink, capacity increases - dramatically. Here is a look at how data storage it has changed over the last six decades.

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Size matters On top is a Dysan Disk Pack with 200MB of capacity that weighed 10 lbs. The Disk Pack would be loaded into an IBM 1311 Disk Drive (think washing machine in terms of size). The Disk Pack was among the first removable disk storage technologies, which began in 1965 with 14-in disk drive platters. Each disk had 20 sectors. One sector (100 characters) could be transferred at 50KBps.

Fast forward to today. On the bottom is a Toshiba PCIe 512GB NAND flash drive that you could find in a top-end mobile device. It can achieve a 2GBps throughput through its four PCIe 2.0 I/O lanes. The drive achieves its enormous capacity through transistors that are only about the size of an atom (19 nanometers).

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In Pictures: Data storage -- then and now

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