In Pictures: 7 hidden dangers of wearable computers

Wearable computers like smart clothes and smart watches offer a myriad of benefits, but also raise security concerns. Here are 7 worries associated with wearable devices.

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Smart clothing Smart clothing technology like Sensatex Inc.’s SmartShirt System and Under Armor’s E39 compression shirt enable remote monitoring of a wearer’s heart rate, breathing, and other vital signs. Besides helping athletes identify and address performance issues, such clothing could also be used to monitor the vital signs of elderly and invalid patients, those in post-operative care, and those in hazardous conditions, like soldiers and firefighters.

Similar technologies could be used in clothes worn by factory workers or truck drivers to track their movements and monitor for signs of fatigue or other problems, raising potential privacy issues. The danger: Biometric and physiological data gathered from the shirts is typically transmitted via Bluetooth or protocols such as Zigbee making it vulnerable to interception and compromise.

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In Pictures: 7 hidden dangers of wearable computers

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