In Pictures: 7 hidden dangers of wearable computers

Wearable computers like smart clothes and smart watches offer a myriad of benefits, but also raise security concerns. Here are 7 worries associated with wearable devices.

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Wearable/embedded medical devices Many wearable medical devices such as insulin pumps, glucose monitors and pacemakers these days are wireless-enabled, making them vulnerable to hacking attacks. More than two years ago, a researcher at the Black Hat security conference showed how an attacker could take control of an insulin pump from a half-mile away to deliver a potentially lethal dose to the user. Another researcher has demonstrated how the wireless protocols in modern pacemakers could be exploited to deliver a fatal 830-volt shock to someone wearing the device.

Concerns over such threats prompted doctors for former vice president Dick Cheney to disable the wireless capability of his heart pump. The U.S. FDA has also expressed concern over the issue and urged device makers to address wireless vulnerabilities.

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In Pictures: 7 hidden dangers of wearable computers

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