In Pictures: 7 hidden dangers of wearable computers

Wearable computers like smart clothes and smart watches offer a myriad of benefits, but also raise security concerns. Here are 7 worries associated with wearable devices.

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Digital glasses One of the biggest privacy concerns with emerging smart eyewear like Google Glass, Vuzix M100, Lumus and the Epson Moverio BT-200 is that they allow wearers to surreptitiously record and transmit images of people and activities in their range of vision. Soon, such capabilities will become available even with prescription glasses and contact lenses, making smart glasses even more unobtrusive and hard to spot than today.

When coupled with facial recognition software, smart glasses could become an even bigger privacy headache.’s recently released NameTag application for instance, will let “a user can simply glance at someone nearby and instantly see that person’s name, occupation and even visit their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profiles in real-time,” according to the company.

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In Pictures: 7 hidden dangers of wearable computers

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