In Pictures: Great gear you may have missed

Here are some of the best little accessories we’ve come across over the past year for connecting, charging, organizing, and more.

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Nomad ChargeKey and ChargeCard: What if you don’t want to tuck your USB-to-Lightning cable in your bag? What if you instead want to always keep it handy, just in case you need a quick recharge while on the go? Nomad’s ChargeKey and ChargeCard ($25 each) take the shape of items you always have in your pocket or purse—a key or a credit card, respectively—but feature a standard USB plug on one end, and on the other either a Lightning-connector plug, a Micro-USB plug, or (available for the ChargeCard only) a 30-pin-dock-connector plug. The ChargeKey is, of course, much smaller—it fits nicely on your keychain.

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