In Pictures: The must-have iPad office apps, round 7

The revamped Apple iWork suite changes the game for tablet productivity

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Best spreadsheet editor (tie): Numbers Apple's iWork Numbers spreadsheet editor is great at data entry, especially numeric, date, and formula info. The keyboard even adjusts based on the type of data you're working with. Cell formatting is less flexible than in Excel, and Excel users may dislike Numbers' approach to creating worksheets: Numbers allows several on a page. But the newest version better supports multisheet workbooks and adds CSV export, animated charts, and (unsecured) group editing via the Web.

Also, like all iWork apps, the only cloud storage service you can directly edit files in is Apple's own iCloud. But it does support AirPrint and PDF export.

App: Numbers

 Price: $9.99
 (free on new devices) 
 Developer: Apple

 Compatibility: iPad and iPhone

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