In Pictures: 10 greatest superheroes of high tech

The Hulk, Professor X, Iron Man -- the superhero alter egos of today's top tech leaders revealed!

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Tim Cook is ... Robin, the Boy Wonder After working side by side with the caped crusader for more than a decade, Tim Cook is fighting crime and Android in Gotham City all on his own. But whether he's made the transition from sidekick to superhero is a puzzle worthy of the Riddler. While Apple's fan base is as fiercely loyal as ever, its stock price has plummeted, longtime employees are beginning to look elsewhere, and the company is snared in a seeming endless legal stalemate with rival Samsung. More troubling: Wayne Enterprises' vaunted R&D lab seems to have run out of life-changing gadgets. Holy unsubstantiated rumor, Batman -- is that an iWatch we see or just the distant memory of One More Thing?

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