In Pictures: The worst of 3D printing hype

Undoubtedly, 3D printing is a groundbreaking technology with the potential to change the world. However, the technology has been over-hyped lately, so much so that some experts anticipate consumers will be largely disappointed with the technology’s reality. Amid reports of some of the most important 3D printing projects, some projects over-state their potential, are too expensive to ever be practical, or are just plain useless.

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GE’s ‘3D-printed jet engine’ As my colleague Paul McNamara pointed out just a few weeks ago, General Electric’s declaration of a “3D-printed jet engine” was a little inaccurate, considering that it was actually just a 1.5-inch plastic model of a jet engine. Hyperbole aside, the model is a sign of things to come, as aviation is well-poised to reap the benefits of 3D printing as the technology matures.

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In Pictures: The worst of 3D printing hype

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