In Pictures: The worst of 3D printing hype

Undoubtedly, 3D printing is a groundbreaking technology with the potential to change the world. However, the technology has been over-hyped lately, so much so that some experts anticipate consumers will be largely disappointed with the technology’s reality. Amid reports of some of the most important 3D printing projects, some projects over-state their potential, are too expensive to ever be practical, or are just plain useless.

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3D-printed record Last year, Amanda Ghassaei, assistant tech editor at Instructables, designed and created the world’s first functional record, which played songs by Nirvana, Daft Punk, and The Pixies on a traditional record player. The feat was impressive, and definitely a nod to the potential of 3D-printing technology, but the audio was terrible, as Ghassaei admitted. Those looking to print vinyl records at home shouldn’t get their hopes up, either – the project was completed with a very expensive, high-end 3D printer and involved a complicated design process.

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In Pictures: The worst of 3D printing hype

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