The sights of Computex 2013

Sometimes the tech takes a backseat as vendors try to attract the crowds with epic stands and lots of booth babes

The sights of Computex 2013 next


Computex has just gotten under way in Taipei. It's a show that continues to offer a unique mix of interesting tech displays, epic booths, tacky booths and, of course, lots of female models. Some vendors exploit the last part as much as they can in a bid to attract the crowd to their stand, and one thing's for sure: just walking around Computex, let alone taking photos, it's difficult not to feel sleazy because there are models almost everywhere you look; they're standing next to products, holding products, and parading around with products.

In this slideshow (and in the ones to follow) we've tried our best to bring you some of the more interesting tech, with a spattering of the sideshows thrown in so that you can see what it's like to walk through some of the major corridors of this massive show (we've tried to be as tasteful about it as possible).

Stay tuned for the next slideshow, too, which will have some more interesting tech, including photos of a waterproof motherboard, and also one that can support up to 22 solid state drives!

Next 1/25

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