In Pictures: 10 nifty Windows 8 apps -- all free

Need help negotiating the corporate landscape? Want to track your network usage? Just looking for a fun little time-waster? These free apps for Windows 8 can help.

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Fresh Paint If you've got a tablet or touchscreen laptop, you'll want to download this free paint program and give it a try. It lets you draw, doodle and color using your fingers, with many more features than the basic ones you get in Toolbox for Windows 8.

There's a great set of tools, including a paint palette that not only includes preset colors, but lets you mix your own. There are different sizes of paintbrushes, different surfaces and pre-built images for coloring. You can also buy additional images, such as several from Disney.

It's mainly for kids, but you'll want to get your hands on it as well. You won't even get paint on them.

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