In Pictures: The hot art in the CIA’s cool art collection

The CIA has a collection of paintings that depict historic agency actions

In Pictures: The hot art in the CIA’s cool art collection prev next



The CIA says Virginia Hall joined the British Special Operations Executive to fight fascism. Her fluency in French landed her a clandestine assignment in Lyons, where she went to work developing the area’s resistance operations. Over the next 15 months, every British agent arriving in France passed through her flat for instructions, counterfeit money and contacts. In addition, she orchestrated supply drops and helped endangered agents escape to England. Betrayed in November 1942, she had to use her own escape route out of France, just steps ahead of her now infamous pursuer, Klaus Barbie, “the butcher of Lyons.” Hall received the Distinguished Service Cross — the only one given to a civilian woman during that war, the CIA says. Hall later worked for the CIA,

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