In Pictures: The 10 greatest betrayals in high tech

Tech-minded backstabbers abound. Don't get caught this Ides of March with your back turned to the wrong vendor, partner, or customer

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Tech betrayal No. 9: HP shows Palm the back of its hand

Like an orphan child shunted from one foster home to another, Palm thought it had finally found a home when HP bought it in April 2010. Longtime Palm aficionados rejoiced; the world's biggest PC maker could afford to not only shelter Palm but also produce handsets and tablets based on the promising WebOS. But this Dickens story has no happy ending. A scant five weeks after introducing the Touchpad tablet, HP shut the whole thing down, spun off the remnants of the WebOS into a new company called Gram, and then sold that to LG last month for use in smart TVs. Who knows? Maybe its next 60-inch flat screen will come with a stylus.

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