In Pictures: 5 cool tools in Windows 8

Windows 8 has gotten a lot of flak, primarily because of its radical Start menu UI. But this new OS has several great things about it, which include the following five useful tools that come with it.

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Reinstall Windows 8 ... from within Windows 8

If things go wrong with Windows 8 -- if it becomes riddled with malware or other suspicious code -- you can conveniently restore it to a freshly installed state from within the OS itself. You get two choices: "Refresh your PC" retains your personal files and OS user settings. "Remove everything" performs a complete wipe of all contents on your computer's local drive. To reinstall Windows 8 within the OS, go to the Charms toolbar, select "Settings," "Change PC settings," "General," scroll all the way down, and then choose either "Refresh your PC" or "Remove everything."

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In Pictures: 5 cool tools in Windows 8

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