In Pictures: 11 fun facts about Apple

To celebrate Wednesday’s shareholder meeting, we’ve ventured deep into the jungle primeval of Apple’s proxy statements to bring you eleven bits of trivia about the company’s operations. Read on to discover just how gigantic Apple is, whose notable name is missing from the roster of the company’s officers, and the surprising truth about executive compensation.

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There are no golden parachutes

The proxy makes it clear that Apple expects its executives to earn their keep without relying on some of the perks for which large corporations have become infamous.

At Cupertino’s upper echelon, there are no such things as severance agreements, tax gross-ups, or cash payments in connection with a change in control of the company. In fact, all of senior management is employed “at will” and doesn’t even have a special employment contract.

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In Pictures: 11 fun facts about Apple

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