In Pictures: The best office apps for your iPad, round 5

In the heated competition for native and cloud-based iOS productivity apps, InfoWorld chooses the winners you should own

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The rest of the word processors

Apple's $9.99 Pages is good at layout, and it recently added revisions tracking (though not notes). But lack of support for style sheets makes it unusable in many workflows. Like Quickoffice Pro, Pages supports AirPrint and PDF export.

ByteSquared's $7.99 Office2HD has a very capable word processor, similar to Quickoffice, but it doesn't support text replace, live spell-checking, PDF export, or AirPrint printing, and the suite outside the word processor is slow.

BlackBerry's $16.99 Documents to Go Premium offers only the basics. It's languished for several years, and can't print or export to PDF.

Picsel's $9.99 SmartOffice 2 is, in a word, unusable due to a very poor user interface and limited capabilities

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