In Pictures: B is for browser - a homage to 12 Web greats

In honor of Mosaic's 20th birthday, join us for an alphabetical appreciation of 12 of history's great windows on the Web.

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W is for WorldWideWeb (also a browser's name) Tim Berners-Lee invented both, and named them both the same

The year was 1990, and something happening on the Internet was about to change the world. It was based on hypertext, a way of linking information online to make it easier to find. Data on any site could be cross-referenced and connected to data on any other site, making a pattern of links like a great big spider's web.

That year a nuclear scientist named Tim Berners-Lee sent his fellow researchers a Christmas present -- a package of protocols and software he'd developed on his NeXT computer. It would let people navigate this web; view pages, newsgroups and images; and download files. It would even let you create and edit your own pages to link into the web.

Its name? WorldWideWeb, of course!

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