In Pictures: 10 mobile startups to watch

As a catch-all term, “mobile” can mean anything from a me-too app to an elaborate augmented reality platform.

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Founder: Tom Lounibos, who previously served as President and CEO of Kenamea.

What it does: SOASTA provides automated app testing through their CloudTest and CloudTest mobile software, simulating millions of concurrent users to make sure a developer’s app won’t fail when it goes live.

Why it's interesting: Many, many mobile apps just aren’t very good. Personally, I uninstall most mobile apps after trying them for the first time and finding that they freeze, crash my phone or just don’t deliver. Services like SOASTA’s should help correct that.

Funding: $32.7 Million from Pelion Venture Partners, Canaan Partners, Formative Ventures, and The Entrepreneur’s Fund.

Customers: SOASTA was responsible for testing NASA’s site for the Mars Landing and the Olympics website, the most visited sports website in history.

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In Pictures: 10 mobile startups to watch

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