In pictures: 12 ways the iPad Is changing healthcare

For an industry that has tried to avoid technology, healthcare is embracing the iPad. Here's a look at how it's being used today and the promise it holds for tomorrow.

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The iPad Gives Healthcare CIOs Headaches

The iPad's future in healthcare is bright, but it does brings challenges. Last year, Panasonic and BizTech Reports surveyed healthcare IT leaders and found that two-thirds deem the iPad (and other tablets) a governance challenge. Issues include incompatibility with legacy applications, concerns about device durability and sanitization, technical support and the impact on wireless network infrastructure. Security and risk management remain the biggest obstacles, though, largely because physicians bring their own device, use it outside the purview of traditional IT operations and increase the risk of a healthcare data breach. Specific security shortcomings—identity and access management, data security, remote access to and management of iPads and risk of theft—particularly trouble healthcare CIOs.

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In pictures: 12 ways the iPad Is changing healthcare

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