In Pictures: The 2012 geek gadget gift guide

While others dream of sugarplums, here are a dozen gadgets that the true geek is hoping to see under the Christmas tree this year

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Really Simple Software Simple.TV

More and more of us are ditching high-priced cable and satellite TV services for Internet-based services such as iTunes,, Netflix, Vudu, and Hulu Plus. But the truth is you typically lose consistent access to the major networks' shows as a result. If that's your dilemma, consider the Simple.TV, a TV tuner that sends the local broadcast stations' signals (as well as unencrypted ClearQAM HDTV signals) to your computer, tablet, smartphone, or other screen over the network. Attach a hard drive, and you have a videorecorder for delayed viewing. The optional Premier service also allows remote viewing when on the go.

Product: Really Simple Software Simple.TV Price: $199 to $299, depending on service options

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In Pictures: The 2012 geek gadget gift guide

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