In Pictures: Six of the rarest Macs

Many Macs are uncommon or hard to find today, but for the sake of brevity (and for fear of the dreaded TL;DR), I’ve decided to examine six of the rarest among them.

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Macintosh TV (1993)

Nineteen years after its debut, Apple’s first experiment in TV-computer integration remains the rarest full-production Mac ever released. Apple manufactured a mere 10,000 units of the Macintosh TV before pulling the plug four months after its launch.

The Mac TV combined a personal computer with a television set, but the machine failed to fulfill either role particularly well. It was too expensive to be a reasonable TV set, too crippled to be a reasonable Macintosh, and too limited in its TV-computer integration to be a practical hybrid.

Perhaps for those reasons, Apple declined to extend the lifespan of this all-in-one flop, making the Mac TV an exceptionally rare machine today.

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In Pictures: Six of the rarest Macs

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