In Pictures: Winning Windows 8 tablets for travel

At a Clover Trail coming-out party, Intel showed off its mid-range Windows 8 hybrid devices. Here's a look at the features of some of the new Clover Trail devices that make them a winning choice for your next travel PC.

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Samsung Smart PC

Samsung's Smart PC, also known as the Series 5 Slate, features an 11.6-inch, 1,366x768 display and directly connects to a stylish keyboard dock for a complete clamshell experience.

The display integrates a Wacom digitizer and full S Pen support (the same technology used in Galaxy Note smartphones). In laptop mode, the system weighs 3.26 pounds. The tablet alone weighs 1.65 pounds. Samsung includes both front-facing (2 megapixel) and rear-facing (8 megapixel) cameras for easy video conferencing.

Much like a Samsung Ultrabook, the Series 5 is a smart, posh-looking affair. We couldn't glean a thickness spec, but Samsung was one of the few companies to discuss pricing: The tablet alone will cost $649, and the tablet and dock together will run $749.

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In Pictures: Winning Windows 8 tablets for travel

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