In Pictures: 10 Word Table Secrets

Tables are a Word tool that everyone needs to use at some point to organize otherwise unruly text and numbers. From timetables to rosters to invoices to calendars, all kinds of projects are based on tables.

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5. Break a Table in Two or Fuse Two Tables Together

When you want to break a table into two pieces, you can use a handy keystroke. Start by selecting all the rows that you want to move to a second table, and then press Shift-Alt-Down Arrow (or Shift-Alt-Up Arrow, depending on the direction you want to move in) to start moving the selected rows through the table. As soon as the rows reach the top (or bottom) of the table, they'll break away and form a second, independent table.

Likewise, to fuse two tables into one, you can select all the rows in one table and press Shift-Alt-Up Arrow or Shift-Alt-Down Arrow to move the rows up or down until they join up with another table.

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In Pictures: 10 Word Table Secrets

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