In Pictures: Mac OS X's 9 lives

In 21 years, Apple's reinvented Mac OS has pushed computing in vibrant new directions. Now a new version is imminent

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Mac OS X Tiger (10.4)

Reign: April 2005-October 2007

Key new capabilities: Spotlight search facility, RSS integration in Safari, smart folders and smart mailboxes (criteria-matching), Automator workflow-creation tool, VoiceOver capability for the visually impaired, Dashboard for widgets, PDF creation added to the print engine, enhanced QuickTime engine (QuickTime 7), Intel Mac support, systemwide dictionary and thesaurus, support for 64-bit address spaces and partial support for 64-bit processors, Core Image graphics and Core Video APIs for faster rendering, Core Data API for common application functions like Undo

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In Pictures: Mac OS X's 9 lives

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