In Pictures: Mac OS X's 9 lives

In 21 years, Apple's reinvented Mac OS has pushed computing in vibrant new directions. Now a new version is imminent

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Mac OS X Jaguar (10.2)

Reign: August 2002-October 2003

Key new capabilities: Quartz Extreme graphics-rendering engine, systemwide contacts management (Address Book), Unix-based (CUPS) printer drivers, support for Samba open source protocol for Windows networks, instant-messaging client (iChat), major attempt to include accessibility services, handwriting recognition engine for use with pen tablets, discontinuation of the original Mac's "happy Mac" icon at startup

Notes: This was the first version of OS X to be officially branded with its code name. It was also the first OS X version to garner a strongly positive reception.

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In Pictures: Mac OS X's 9 lives

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