In Pictures: Groovy 1970s consumer tech

The 1970s played host to an explosion in consumer electronics gadgets that changed how we educate, entertain, calculate, and communicate.

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Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera

Polaroid’s SX-70 Land Camera wasn’t even close to being the first camera to produce prints instantly--Polaroid cofounder Edwin Land first demonstrated that technology in 1947. But before the SX-70, instant cameras were big and boxy, and the film that came out was often messy, leaving traces of developing chemicals burning the tips of your fingers. Launching in 1972 for $180 (about $976 today), the SX-70 was compact, simple, and elegant. You looked through the viewfinder and pushed the shutter button, and out popped a picture that developed in broad daylight before your eyes. When you were done, you could fold the SX-70 into a compact, leather-covered form and slip it into your coat pocket.

Credit: Sears

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In Pictures: Groovy 1970s consumer tech

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