IN PICTURES: Did the six most overhyped games of 2011 deliver?

We look at what we predicted to be six of 2011's biggest potential gaming disappointments and whether our predictions came true or not

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[[xref:|What we said| Six overhyped 2011 games that probably won't deliver]]: “Ever since the game's announcement, we've been bombarded with LA Noire marketing material: screenshots, trailers, concept art... it seems like every day there's something new coming out. And you know what they say — once bitten, twice shy: after the intense disappointment that was Mafia 2, we're no longer confident any new guns-'n'-gangsters game can stand up to our fond memories of the original Mafia.”

What others said: The long wait behind L.A. Noire paid off in glowing reviews following its release in May 2011. Like with Heavy Rain that came out a year earlier, players appreciated the mature story telling and characterization that came together into a highly immersive gaming experience. The game scored 89 per cent for the original console releases and 83 per cent for the later PC release, while user scores are between 7.3 and 7.6.

Our final verdict: L.A. Noire was a highly satisfying game experience that fully delivered on its promise, though it is kind of shame that it was in development for such a long time. Many were quick to praise the MotionScan technology used in the game to convey facial expressions of characters, but the real stars of the game were the excellent voice acting and authentic looking representation of post-war Los Angeles. While on some levels interactivity in the game was limited, the well plotted story and characterisation compensated for it.

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IN PICTURES: Did the six most overhyped games of 2011 deliver?

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