In Pictures: Top 25 iPhone and iPad apps for business

Apple's iPhone and iPad may have been built for consumers, but the folks in Cupertino correctly guessed that what's good for consumers is good for businesses. The only stumbling block may be the growing volume of apps available: more 140,000 natively for the iPad and over 500,000 that work on the iPhone and iPad. Here are 25 go-to iOS apps for business users, from travel planning to document editing using Microsoft Office tools to time tracking to getting a good night's sleep.

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Vlingo Free. Current version average rating: 4.5 stars Designed for iPhone


If you’re living in a Siri-less world, you don’t have to forgo the conveniences of Apple’s sassy virtual assistant entirely. Vlingo brings Siri-like features (minus the backtalk) to your iPhone. Using Vlingo, you can use your voice to dictate and send an email or SMS; find locations on a map; post updates to Facebook and Twitter; dial by voice; and perform web searches. Example: After I asked Vlingo “What is the weather in San Francisco?,” the app instantly presented Google results showing it was sunny and 54 degrees. If you want longer dictations transcribed into text for copying and pasting, download the free Dragon Dictation app, too.

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