In Pictures: Top 25 iPhone and iPad apps for business

Apple's iPhone and iPad may have been built for consumers, but the folks in Cupertino correctly guessed that what's good for consumers is good for businesses. The only stumbling block may be the growing volume of apps available: more 140,000 natively for the iPad and over 500,000 that work on the iPhone and iPad. Here are 25 go-to iOS apps for business users, from travel planning to document editing using Microsoft Office tools to time tracking to getting a good night's sleep.

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White Noise $2. Current version average rating: 5 stars Designed for iPhone

White Noise

It may seem odd to recommend a noise app for business, but trust me: If you're a light sleeper who travels often, you’ll want this app. I use it to block ambient sounds when I’m trying to fall asleep in a hotel room during a business trip. I also use the app when I’m working to filter out noise from an adjacent office, so I can concentrate. Along with the White Noise sound, I also like Air Conditioner and Airplane Travel. There are plenty of exotic sounds, too, such as Amazon Jungle, Dish Washer, Cars Driving, Tibetan Singing Bowl, and Cat Purring. The Heartbeat sound might help infants fall asleep, but others may find it a bit too Edgar Allan Poe-ish.

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