In pictures: The world's coolest datacentres

Data centres need to be secure, temperature controlled, spacious, redundant, reliable – nothing sexy. But that doesn't mean they can't be. Here are a few that rise above the crowd and take advantage of the possibilities.

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Westland Bunker data centre about 45 miles north of Houston, occupies a nuclear bunker built in 1982 by Louis Kung, the nephew of Madame Chang Kai Shek, as a refuge to house 350 people for three months. It was part of the campus for his oil company, Westland Oil, and was a contingency against nuclear attack or the breakdown of society. Today the headquarters building is available to customers as a disaster-recovery site. The separate bunker houses the data centre, which will be cooled in part by deep wells dug to support needs of people who might be housed there. A pair of pagodas masks the entrances to the underground facility.

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