The 24 Best PS3 Games

A comprehensive look at 24 of the greatest video games available on Sony's PlayStation 3

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18 [[xref:|Demon's Souls|Demon's Souls]]

Every once in while, there's a video game that just wants to kill you — and Demon's Souls is incredibly ruthless. From the start of the game, you're placed in the shoes of a warrior who is killed shortly upon breaching the Deep Fog. At that point onward, the stakes of death increase, as Demon's Souls strips you of almost everything you earn each time you die. Demon's Souls may be merciless in the penalties for death, but it's balanced by robust features like class customization, online co-op gameplay, and combat that changes constantly depending on your class and weaponry. As you grow in strength and tackles bigger monsters, the game consistently tries to top each challenge, with each goal just a hair more difficult than the last. If you're any kind of RPG addict, the kingdom of Boletaria will surely suck you in.

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