10 reasons to hate PC gamers

PC gamers: who needs 'em?

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Reasons to hate PC gamers #5: The have more money than sense

So, you want to get into PC gaming huh? The first thing to do is grab an Origin Genesis gaming PC: with an RRP of $10,893, it's an absolute steal! Or maybe you just want to upgrade your PC's graphic card to something a bit meatier? The Asus R.O.G MARS is going cheap at just $1999! Perhaps portable gaming is more your bag? If so, the ASUS Lamborghini VX5 can be yours for just $3499! Bargains, all three of 'em!

Alternatively, you could buy a Nintendo Wii, a PlayStation 3, an Xbox 360 and a Nintendo DSi XL for a fraction of the price. But who'd want to go and do something stupid like that?

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10 reasons to hate PC gamers

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