10 reasons to hate PC gamers

PC gamers: who needs 'em?

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Reasons to hate PC gamers #5: The have more money than sense

So, you want to get into PC gaming huh? The first thing to do is grab an Origin Genesis gaming PC: with an RRP of $10,893, it's an absolute steal! Or maybe you just want to upgrade your PC's graphic card to something a bit meatier? The Asus R.O.G MARS is going cheap at just $1999! Perhaps portable gaming is more your bag? If so, the ASUS Lamborghini VX5 can be yours for just $3499! Bargains, all three of 'em!

Alternatively, you could buy a Nintendo Wii, a PlayStation 3, an Xbox 360 and a Nintendo DSi XL for a fraction of the price. But who'd want to go and do something stupid like that?

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kyle bradford


I feel like this whole article is about how much you want to get a pc and you are jjealous. it's a little silly of you.

Cow Eater


This is probably the worst top 10 list I have ever read. You were are reaching to find the 10 things huh? Pretty pathetic if you ask me. Posting stupidly overprices PC's. Guess what I made my PC for under 600$ and have never tweaked bios and still run any game that has been put out on PC. I would like to call this a Journalist fail. If you boss can read this here is some advice. Fire this douche.

pc gamer


I built a budget PC in 2005 that can still play most games that are coming out. It cost not much more than an Xbox, but no risk of RROD and the biggest advantage is that I can upgrade it at any point. I see PCs as far more economical than consoles. Yeah, there are people who throw thousands at the latest shiny technology, but they are a small minority.

The other plus side of course is that I get to use a mouse instead of a controller. I could explain why mice really do give greater control in FPSs, but it's obvious that you are either incapable or unwilling to consider this possibility. Not elitism, fact. Is it elitism to say that DVDs are better than VHS?

My tripcode is niggers #niggers


this whole thing is a joke. most pc gamers spend less than 500 dollars on a PC, and 200 dollars every few years on a graphics card to stay "current"

it averages out cheaper than replacing a console every few years



This is so stupid. im getting a new average gaming pc which is good enough to play all recent games and it cost less than my ps3 clearly no research on the subject.



Desperate for attention, I see. What? You couldn't go after any other type of gamers? 'Course you wont, why would you? PC gamers are bad people and they're SO dumb.




This article is rather uh
stupid :V
Really, some of us spend most of our time on the computer, so we might as game on it right? Kinda like how some people mostly just watch tv, so it'd make more sense to just get a console or two. Less moving around, ya know? And gamers are usually lazy, so less moving = better~

Also you can get budget gaming computers which work just as well if not better than the $3000 ones :V You should do more research before you make an article about things like this! Hell, do more research in general~ It'll make more people visit your site and not comment negativity on posts c:



E-sports: herp derp MLG fags on XBL.

Make the rest of us look bad: CoD fags do far worse to the gaming community than WoW does.

more money than sense: My last computer cost me 500 dollars and can run new games no problem on fairly high. Author is probably a poor fag.

MMORPGs: Nothing wrong as long as you know what moderation means.

Clearly this was just done to get this more hits on this awful site and it worked.

U mad?


written like a true butthurt consolefag

enjoy your poor

Fred Gherkin


The video card you listed is an anomaly, years old, from a previous generation of video cards and proof that you're cherry picking from the bottom of the journalistic barrel to write this bilious tripe.

Top ten lists: crutch of today's content challenged e-journalists and bloggers.



Lol u mad?
U mad alright.

Now I see why i've never heard of Sh*t Gear Guide.

Fu*king consolefa*s.

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