10 reasons to hate PC gamers

PC gamers: who needs 'em?

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Reasons to hate PC gamers #9: 'E-sports'

I'm sorry, but playing computer games is not a sport. I don't care how honed your Counter-Strike reflexes are. The whole 'e-sports' phenomenon is surely one of the most try-hard, laughably unimpressive professions in the world: and yet we're supposed to take these 'athletes' seriously. (Since when has sitting in a chair clicking a mouse been in any way athletic?)

"My guys train five hours a night, five days a week, which is more than some professional footballers!" Team Immunity's manager once boasted. "...Maybe they don’t hit the gym as much." You don't say.

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This site needs more hits


This is just wreaking of desperation for hits... Worst part is I clicked.



This article is laughable at best and just screams 'pay attention to me please!' Wasn't even worth the click other than knowing that this is another site to add to my blocked list in case their other articles are as sadly pathetic as this one.

Stupidest thing ever


First off I myself don't show off gaming rigs, and as to sports, what about PS3 and Xbox.



Psh, this guy needs to go do something else, like die. Most of the gaming shows I've seen, they've had at least one PC game, like counterstrike, and then 7 other console only games, like Fifa, Dead or Alive, DDR, or games like Call of Duty which go both ways.



I cannot F****** believe I clicked this. This website needs to die.



And there aren't console "e-sports" tournaments? Oh wait, there are and have been for years.

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10 reasons to hate PC gamers

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