10 reasons to hate PC gamers

PC gamers: who needs 'em?

10 reasons to hate PC gamers next


10 reasons to hate PC gamers

Just how do we hate PC gamers? Let us count the ways...

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Condemning all PC gamers as such is just... I own a fairly decent PC, an Xbox 360 and a PS3 and honestly consider myself to not fit into any of that reasoning :p I'm hoping all of this is just a joke :)



Utter C**t

bronze arrow



I think of two things bad about console gamers.
1. They're all twelve year olds who can not form a proper logical argument.
2. They like to take it up the ass by corporate bull sh*t.



And your argument is logical?



Hilarious and sadly true of many (not all) PC gamers. Most are elitist JO's that go out of their way to troll and spam the heck out of message boards with walls of useless self inflated text to tout their prowess (on the net that is, as most are spineless door mats in real life). To make matters worse far too many of them have hygiene problems and lack even the simplest form of "outside the basement" social skills. The MMORPG thing I just never understood. Those games suck, the game play and graphics are horrible and animation is stiff. Not to mention those games are usually devoid of any story or music to speak of, just a bunch of fat men dry humping their monitors over some poorly rendered female (who is likely controlled by another fat man) oh the irony.

That guy


quote from "bronze arrow"

"I think of two things bad about console gamers.
1. They're all twelve year olds who can not form a proper logical argument.
2. They like to take it up the ass by corporate bull sh*t."

How is that logical? No proof or facts there...sounds like profiling to me lol.



Perhaps the author of this article was wronged by a PC gamer? Perhaps the individual had a bad online game experience and deeply wounded by such an emotionally scarring experience felt he needed to take his frustration out at the world. Maybe his guild mate was a Leeroy, maybe his L4D teammate was a maverick, or his DOTA partner was a feeder. Maybe he was trolled, who knows?

However, this individual clearly felt he needed to vent, but to write a passage complaining about an individual would seem petty and childish, so in an effort to appear as a reasonable but frustrated adult, decided that, upon perusing a few cartoons and internet articles the individual now knew everything there was to know about computer gamers in general.

It likely never occurred to him that posting an article on PC gamers online would be like walking into an Irish bar and telling them they're all shamrock-wearing drunks.

Thank heavens for the anonymity of the internet, eh?



Sounds like someone is poor and jealous.



Ignoring all of the other incorrect statements I want to bring up the pricing of the hardware he mentioned, if you're a rich prat that thinks of no one but himself old you might go for a PC that costs $10,000, but I got my entire modernized gaming rig for about $800, about a third of what he said a single component was..
This man is obviously not using any senses, he's a troll, get over it.



LOL pc gamers so fuukkkiinn jealouss! u mad, dudes? lol, me and my clan get 50-0 k/d ratio in cod bo, reach and mw2. computrs r 4 work, xbox is for real games.
ps: get a life u losers computers SUCK 4 games, why wud u use any computer other than a mac and they dont play games lol



Just to give a point-by-point response:

#10 - Your entire article is basically elitist twattishness.
#9 - There are plenty of e-sport tournaments for console games… FIFA, Street Fighter, Halo?
#8 - Court cases regarding modded consoles are happening as we speak, not to mention the slow, painful death of the PSP because of piracy.
#6 - Which is why the entire console world is still playing their PSOnes. Hmm…
#5 - I bought a console, now I need new controllers, oh just let me get a Kinect/Move/random Wii controller…
#4 - Can’t think of any console MMORPGs. Oh, wait, I can think of several. And are we really going to pretend people play less hours of Call of Duty, and that console games are less of a time sink? Final Fantasy, anyone?
#3 - Yet you wrote an article claiming that PC gamers should be beaten to death. Ironic.
#2 - I assume this is supposed to be a complaint about case modders... haven't you seen any of the crappy Xbox mods out there? Yuck.
#1 - Of course, I much prefer getting called a fag on Xbox Live by a 9 year old than having to randomly translate letters to numbers and back again. *eyeroll*

I would also like to thank "xXxH4l0_5n1p3rxXx" for not only proving that "l33tspeak" isn't only a PC phenomenon, but for also showing the article writer to be a hypocritical moron. *slowclaps*




If there was a 'like' button, I'd be mashing it.



This article is a massive pile of strawmen and stereotypes, you should be ashamed for even writing this.

As SirusDragon pointed out, everything you've said can be equally applied to console gamers. Stop spouting bullshít.

Granny Lackluster


Guys, it says right at the top if you hover over the image that this article is a joke.



anybody feel like beating this snot in a game of shadowrun?



alright even though i disagree completely with this article, one must face facts, we have illogical idiots in both console, and PC now in FPS games i will admit us PC gamers have you Console gamers beat, however in average gameplay of MMO or RPG we are even, now you console gamers have us beat in alot of fighter based or side scrolling style games becuase lets face it game controllers just work better, but simple fact any one who is going to whine and complain about the other style just becuase they themselves dont have the skills to game better or actualy work at something they want to do instead of just sitting and bitching like a squealing pig dont deserve to be on the internet or.. for that matter dont deserve to have the thumbs to work either a game controller or computer keyboard ;)



10. They're elitist twats
I am sorry but your consoles ARE inferior. Anything console can do, PC can do better. Console can maybe boast of a few exclusive games on PS3 or Xbox , everything else can be played on a simulator app. There's no such thing as a contributing modmaker for console but the mods community of PC is immensely huge. We are just better. Nya~

9. 'E-sports'
Gotta agree with you on this matter.

8. They're filthy pirates
Hm, the pot is calling the kettle black and full of soots. As if there's not a hugely bigger portion of pirated games for consoles.
As for the complaints of game developers, that's for another discussion. I have to cut back on my response.

7. They make the rest of us look like nerds
We are sorry for making you into something you dont want to be. Although it's hard to imagine why as you are fully capable of doing that to yourself. I mean, it's not as if a big portion of game nerds are not consoletards, right? right.
Instead of blaming PC game nerds, why dont you do something about yourself: bath more often, dont loudmouth about your games in public, etc and etc... We dont want to hear about your games the same way we dont want to hear about your big fat lies about your golf scores.

6: They're shameless graphics whores.
5: The have more money than sense
It's hard to refute these charge because a huge portion of us is whores in this particular issue. I can point to shameless graphics whores of console games but it's hard to do so because genuine shameless graphics whores WOULD and will migrate to PC due to easier to satisfy hardware upgrades. A bunch of money dont get you a prettier and more powerful console rig but it can in PC.

Believe you me, PC gamers curse MMORPGs as much. They are the tarts, the shameless flirt, the shallow airheads, and the social butterflies of the family. You want to hate them? Fine, get in line.

3: They're always complaining.
We are a hard to please bunch. The gleaming pile of hatred and bitterness who watch too many promises made and broken over the decades, too many compromises made in the name of innoveishun but just a cover for easy profit, too many promising innovations dropped in favour of the more profitable traditional.

And dont complain. The likeminds in consoles were and are migrating to us because no one among console audience want to listen to them. You, my friends, are a flighty bunch. At least among us they can find common interests.
#2: UGH.
That phenomenon is not limited to PC alone. Dont try to obsfuscate the issue. After all, you just have to look at Bayonetta and Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Ball to see that. Blame that on PC isjust plain ridiculous.
The easiest way to show yourself being a stupid nerd. We just dont need to speak like that prove ourselves superior to consoletards. After all we ARE superior. End of story.
Even among PC crowds speak like that got snickers.

</3 The hate


Sheesh why hate? Just play games where ever you can. I'll play Tic Tac Toe with someone out in the dirt.



This article almost had me going, believing the author was a PC hater. But then I rolled my mouse over the pics and found out the author is actually listing reasons why he hates console gamers. And it's hilarious because you all missed it! LOL

Davis Stevens


I hope you and your console but buddies enjoy 30fps and getting fucked over by Microcock and Gaystation fag.

PC Master Race


I know this is a few years old, but I'm appalled by the sheer ignorance shown in this post.

10) We're not all "elitist twats", infact, every console has a horde of immature fanboys starting arguments for an excuse to have some sort of social activity in their dull lives.

9) And table tennis is? Sorry, a lot of "professional gamers" spend hours upon hours of training to compete in these "e-sports", not to mention that e-sports are not PC exclusive, with quite a lot of professional events for consoles.

8) Hmm, and yet you can buy "chips" for your consoles, so that you can do the same thing you claim is PC gaming exclusive. Not every PC gamer pirates with games, with a vast majority of the games getting sold for sub $10, who needs to pirate?

7) Whilst your "reason" targets a small number of PC gamers, I'd like to point out that there are far more examples of obese console gamers.

6) Because getting the most out of your money is a bad thing?

5) You seem to have gotten your prices from themostexpensivepcequipmentever.com, as a decent gaming PC that lasts several years can be bought for less than $500. Not to mention, that when you have the computer, you can enjoy the benefits of majorly discounted games and not worry about updating your rig for another few years.

4) MMORPGs are available on any console and have nothing to do with anyone going outside.

3) This is awfully ironic, considering the hateful nature of your idiotic nonsense.

2) Because one person represents the whole of PC Gaming, good job.

1) Some more stereotyping hey? I'll be sure to remember this one when I play against a xX-__720_n05c0p3z__-Xx on Xbox Live.

- pcmasterrace.net



$10k for a gaming pc... sure you could. When buying a ps4 you really need to buy a new 80" 4k 3d tv or it just isnt worth it, you also should upgrade your amps, speakers and maybe get a new couch while you're at it. You will NEED at least 4 standard controllers and 4 move controllers, a ps eye and dont forget a $500 turtle beach headset... and get a $100 hdmi cable (not that it will improve the image quality or sound in any way, shape or form being a digital signal and all over a $10 cable, but because you simply need to get the best!!!) Pretty sure this console setup will cost in excess of 10k. Or you could do what most do and just buy the console and a few controllers, hook up to your existing setup and go for about $500-600 after a game or 2, like most pc gamers spend about $800 on a new PC which will run pretty much anything out now at ultra settings, 4xAA 1080p and still play all your old games too. Like my pc which is 8 years old, original build was $800, upgraded gpu last year for $300 (Australian dollars here too, would be cheaper in US) and still runs every single one of my 500+ steam games in ultra settings with at least 4xAA 1080p 60fps... Honestly after buying games and the systems consoles and pc's are about the same price unless you have hundreds of games, then the pc will actually be cheaper.

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