Shoot awesome holiday photos

Here are some tips for taking memorable photos of family gatherings and public celebrations this holiday season.

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Capture Seasonal Festivals

When I was growing up in Jersey City in the 1970s, my family went to a harvest festival on Staten Island each year, complete with hay rides and pumpkin carvings. If you take your family to an event of that sort, bring a camera. The sun will work against you, so try to put it behind you when you shoot. If you get a wide range of exposures, from bright light to deep shadow, you can tweak the photos afterward on your PC. Even if a photo looks hopelessly underexposed, you can use the tips in "[[xref:|Improve Your Exposure in Tricky Lighting|Improve Your Exposure in Tricky Lighting]]" to enhance the scene dramatically.

Photo courtesy Flickr user [[xref:|Ali Smiles :)|Ali Smiles :) on Flickr]].

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Shoot awesome holiday photos

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