Shoot awesome holiday photos

Here are some tips for taking memorable photos of family gatherings and public celebrations this holiday season.

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Include Your Pets

It's the holidays--so don't forget to include your four-legged family members in the photographic fun. My family has made room for dogs and cats in our holiday portraits from time to time, with varying levels of success. Be sure to consider these "[[xref:|Five Tips for Taking Photos of Animals|Five Tips for Taking Photos of Animals]]," and introduce them into scenes you want to shoot. Also, take a tip from the making of OK Go's dog-infested video [[xref:|White Knuckles|White Knuckles]]: If you want your pet to look somewhere in particular, dangle some food. Have a helper hold a dog treat or a piece of cheese near the camera to draw your dog's undivided attention.

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Shoot awesome holiday photos

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