Shoot awesome holiday photos

Here are some tips for taking memorable photos of family gatherings and public celebrations this holiday season.

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<h2>Watch Out for Red Eye</h2><br><br>When there's less ambient light--as on these chilly autumn days--red eye comes out to play. As you probably know, red eye occurs when eyes dilate to see better, but the camera flash fires and reflects off the retina. <br><br>If you have an external flash for your camera, try to "bounce" it by aiming it at the celling instead of straight ahead. Or use an attachment like the [[xref:|Lightscoop|Lightscoop]] to bounce the flash that's built into your camera. Of course, you can always use your photo editor to remove red eye after the fact--most image editors these days have a red-eye removal tool built in.

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Shoot awesome holiday photos

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