A ghost-hunter's tech toolkit

Before you start the next great poltergeist hunt, check out our skeptical look at what ghost-hunting gadgets supposedly reveal.

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Full-Spectrum Digital Camera and Camcorder

If you want to try to take a shot of your spooky friend, you need a digital camera or camcorder [[xref:http://www.theghosthunterstore.com/camera.html|modified to capture full-spectrum photos|theghosthunterstore.com]]. This is how ghost hunters claim to take photos of apparitions in infrared and UV light spectra. Apparitions appear as opaque orbs, mist, or smoke—all of which can be explained by normal camera tricks. The reflection of rain can create orbs in a photo, as can dust on the camera lens or reflections off of unnoticed shiny surfaces.

Image: Courtesy of [[xref:http://www.theghosthunterstore.com/camera.html|The Ghost Hunter Store|The Ghost Hunter Store]]

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A ghost-hunter's tech toolkit

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