A ghost-hunter's tech toolkit

Before you start the next great poltergeist hunt, check out our skeptical look at what ghost-hunting gadgets supposedly reveal.

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Digital Thermometer

People often describe the presence of ghosts through feeling a sudden drop in temperature, or a “[[xref:http://www.iprfinc.com/brian50.html|cold spot|iprfinc.com]].” They use [[xref:http://video.syfy.com/shows/ghosthunters/steves_gear_guide/#////shows/ghosthunters/steves_gear_guide/digital-thermometer/v110459 |digital thermometers|digital thermometer]] to locate areas with a dropped temperature or to monitor a sudden decrease in ambient temperature. The team of paranormal investigators on the SyFy show Ghost Hunters explains cold spots as ghosts drawing the heat out of the air so that they can manifest. Or it could just be the natural convection process of hot and cold air separating.

Image: Courtesy of [[xref:http://www.paranormalresearchtools.com/thermos.html|Paranormal Research Tools|Paranormal Research Tools]]

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A ghost-hunter's tech toolkit

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