Ten great games with terrible storylines

Nice video game, shame about the plot...

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Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy 7 contains some great story arcs -- the fall of Midgar, the death of Aeris, the Golden Saucer -- but overall, the plot doesn’t actually make a whole lot of sense. It starts off promisingly enough, with a rag-tag squad of freedom fighters battling an oppressive corporation. But once the world has opened up, the story becomes increasingly more convoluted and messy.

The lashing of pseudo-science, unlikely character origins and weird Japanese mysticism all conspire to rob the game of its once-compelling narrative. And what exactly happened at the end, with all those weird lights and Aeris’ unexplained resurrection? Even the ending to Akira made more sense than that.

Cloud’s backstory -- turns out he was a simpering, spiky-haired wimp -- also leaves the player cold. No wonder chicks prefer Sephiroth.

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After reading this I came to a conclusion. This guy's an idiot. If he can't understand something then that's bad story-telling? No dude, you're a retard, that's what.

Why Aeries came to save the world at the of FFVII even thought she was dead? Because she became one with the life stream after Sephiroth killed her, everybody that dies becomes one with it, that is their heaven. She was one of those special personsn (an ancient) from an old race that had certain powers that others didn't have and the idea of Sephiroth was to make Meteor do a big enough hole in the planet to become one with the life stream (which is the spirit of the planet Gaia). He thought that he was the most powerful being on the planet and that if he became one with the life stream he could dominate all. You know, like a GOD?

Pretty simple dude but for a retard like you? Well, what can you expect? I mean, Uncharted 2 and MGS4 bad story? You are a J-O-K-E!

Do you even go to school or because you find too challenging you had to drop out?

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Ten great games with terrible storylines

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