In Pictures: 15 fun and freaky iPhone mods

These modifications of various Apple mobile devices reflect impressive amounts of ingenuity, skill, and--in some instances--leisure time.

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FaceTime for iPhone 3G

Back in 2007, twin brothers Ken and Glen Asplenagh came up with a creative way to do videoconferencing with the iPhone. The twins develop Mac accessories at Ecamm, which used to sell the Huckleberry Berry mirror for the MacBook—a two-mirror system that turns your laptop’s iSight camera into a front-facing camera. They modified their mirror system to fit the iPhone so that the iPhone’s video camera would capture the reflected image of the person’s face. The phone then relayed the video to a Web server, which compressed it and sent it on to a second phone with the same setup. Unfortunately their program doesn’t have any audio, so you’ll need to start a phone call to get that. Still, it's an inventive mod, despite being a little outdated now that the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch have [[xref:|FaceTime|FaceTime]] videoconferencing.

Image source: [[xref:|Mac Daddy World|Mac Daddy World]].

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In Pictures: 15 fun and freaky iPhone mods

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