Top 10 funniest Internet memes

Without such memes as Double Rainbow, Crasher Squirrel, and Star Wars Kid, the Internet just wouldn't be as much fun.

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The iconic image of a snowy owl with a big ol' "[[xref:|O RLY?|O RLY?]]" caption (as in "Oh, really?") has been a snarky Web staple for nearly a decade. Numerous Netizens have used the photo, or at least the term, to shoot down opinionated Internet gasbags over the years. O RLY's origins are hazy--Wikipedia traces its roots to comedy site [[xref:|Something Awful|Something Awful]]‘s user forums circa 2003. But whatever its roots, the yellow-eyed owl has spurred Photoshop fans to create a seemingly endless series of alternate pics, including many with creepy cats, insipid politicians, and altered captions like "YA RLY."

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Top 10 funniest Internet memes

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