The most underrated video games of this generation

17 current-gen video games that should have been bigger hits

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<h2>[[artnid:275251|Killzone 2]] (PS3)</h2><br><br>

Let's face it: Killzone 2 was never going to get a fair shake from the gaming community.
It all started at E3 2005, when Killzone 2's debut trailer [[xref:|caused a storm of scepticism |E3 2005: The Mystery of Killzone -- IGN]] to erupt across the blogosphere. In short, Sony was accused of passing off pre-rendered PC graphics as in-game PS3 footage. People were apoplectic.
<br><br>At the time, Sony bashing was fresh in vogue, and Killzone 2's ‘fake trailer’ provided the perfect scapegoat. To put it bluntly, if Ken Kutaragi had stripped down and done a wizz on stage, we doubt it could have caused more controversy. In any event, people's faith in the franchise was irredeemably shaken &#8212; and the original [[xref:|wasn’t even that great to begin with]]. After E3 ’05, practically everybody outside Sony’s fanbase wanted to see the game fall flat on its metallic arse.

By the time Killzone 2 limped into storefronts, most people had stopped caring. What was once touted as “the ultimate Halo-killer” was now being dismissed as “just another FPS”. While Killzone 2 did okay commercially, [[xref:|its sales were eclipsed by Halo 3]] &#8212; and even the much-maligned Halo: ODST. To add insult to injury, few publications saw fit to include it on their Game of the Year list. Now we’re not saying Killzone 2 is a Halo-killer &#8212; whatever <i>that</i> means &#8212; but it’s certainly a lot better than most people give it credit for. Also, the Hellghast are just about the coolest video game villains ever. Those guys eat Spartans for breakfast.

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