10 technologies that should be extinct (but aren't)

These obsolete technologies didn't get the memo--maybe because someone wrote it on a typewriter and faxed it to them

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1. The Telegraph

Yes, Virginia, you can still send a telegram, though not through Western Union. It sent its [[xref:http://blogs.pcworld.com/digitalworld/archives/2006/02/telegram_era_en.html|last telegraphic transmission on January 27, 2006|Digital World Telegram Era Ends With a Whisper]]. At the telegram's peak in 1929, [[xref:http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/108354/Technology_victim_Western_Union_sends_its_last_telegram|more than 200 million were sent|Technology victim: Western Union sends its last telegram - Computerworld]]. By 2005, that number had dwindled to 21,000.

Subsequently, [[xref:http://www.itelegram.com/|iTelegram]] took over Western Union's telex network, though you can access it via the Web. To send a first-class priority (same-day) message from New York to Los Angeles now costs US$25, plus 88 cents a word. (Plus whatever it costs to refill your meds--because who in their right mind would bother to send a telegram?) Western Union is still around too, though its primary customers appear to be Internet scam artists hoping to dupe suckers into wiring them money.

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10 technologies that should be extinct (but aren't)

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